Prison Phone Calls

How To Make Prison Phone Calls for Less

It is very easy to make calls from prison at a lower cost. Prisons make use of special phone service systems that have phone call restrictions such as call monitoring, blocking and recording amongst others.

Find out more about the system in order to make calls from prison at lower cost

In order to make cheaper calls from prison, you must first know about the kind of system that the jail is using. You can make observations around the jail by looking at the phone hardware or make inquiries with the staff. We recommend you contact the prison directly with a phone call or visit their website and send an email.

The most common phone options provided in prisons are:

  • Inmate Phone System Specific Calling Cards And Accounts
  • Standard Calling Cards (Uncommon)
  • Collect Calls From Prison

As prison phone systems are restricted, most do not allow inmates to make calls to mobile phones or certain numbers but many restrictions can be overcome as we will discuss below.

Most people want  to know how to make calls for a lower rate, as making local and long distance prison phone calls is generally expensive. Each institution has different rules and rates for calls, but there are some common ideas that you could make use that work across all phone systems to save money and provider more call features. Some of these suggestions may be against the prison rules, so keep that in mind as you may want to ask the staff what these rules are before doing this.

The most common ways for getting around restrictions and making cheaper calls is as follows:

  • Local Phone Numbers Call Forwarded To Other Numbers
  • Calling Card Services
  • Conference Numbers

Local Phone Numbers Call Forwarded To Other Numbers

This is a simple process whereby you can purchase a phone service account which allows you to get a phone number in any city you choose. If you live in New York and the inmate you know is in Los Angeles. You get a number in Los Angeles, the inmate makes a local call to the Los Angeles number, the number forwards to your New York cell phone or home phone and the inmate pays local rates.

Generally these forwarding services have really low calling rates so this is a great way to save on long distance. These phone numbers can also forward to international phone numbers and even blocked numbers. We recommend Phone Power Broadvoice to provide this service but you may also try Skype, to have a local number forwarded to a Skype account on any computer or mobile device world wide. Skype has been involved in government spying so keep this in mind when considering Skype.

SkypeIn provides a local phone number which would be answerable on a computer or mobile phone. This Skype account can be shared by people around the world to receive phone calls at a locally billed rate. You will need to test SkypeIn as some prison providers have become aware of this method and have restricted. Skype is also known for poor quality calls at times and they have been associated with government spying. Visit:

A good service with call forwarding is TextNow. TextNow installs on mobile phones and is free. Visit the TextNow website at

Virtual Number Services: TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

Calling cards with local access numbers

Inmates can also make use of phone cards for cheap calling in some cases. Many calling card services have local dial up numbers which work from prison. These cards can provide a way for the inmate to dial out at reduced long distance fees and to get around access restrictions. An inmate would obtain a calling card with a local access number, call the number and then using the calling call service to dial out to national and international numbers while paying the local calling rate.

Spoof Cards are yet another option, but considering the call features available such as showing up a fake ID on call display and voice changing, they are most likely prohibited in any correctional facility although they still may be used. Spoof Card also can record phone calls. This can be very handy as well.

We have heard reports of people successfully using Phone Power to forward to the SpoofCard service which allows them to modify their voice and fake their phone number but we recommend you check with the prison before trying this as it may violate some restrictions. 🙂

Conference Numbers

With the help of such numbers, the inmate can make a call to a specific phone number that has more than a single participant. When he makes a call to the number, another person can also dial into the conference and the three can talk with each other. This kind of calling is also termed a three way calling. You can have a friend listen in on the call.

Many of our readers use Phone Power, which not only saves you 60-70% on your phone bill using your internet connect but has a 3way calling feature and virtual phone number support.

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Virtual Number Services
TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

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Prison Phone Calls

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