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ITI Phone Service – Offender Connect

Offender Connect is a prison phone service system that enables inmates’ families to transfer money into the commissary account or pay money into the inmate’s phone account. The main features of Offender Connect are:

  • Information details can be updated without having to call DSI-ITI, LLC
  • Inmates can call their loved ones by using a prepaid account
  • The members can add several telephone numbers to their account, so that they can be contacted anywhere
  • They can access information 24/7
  • Sending emails to inmates is easy with Offender Connect services

Family and friends of inmates can access different options, such as printing out the monthly telephone bills and looking at all the recent transactions and payments through the website. Making payments is easy, as they just have to  enter their phone number and pay the amount into the account. Then they can start receiving calls from the inmate on the specified number.

The family can also feel safe that the information provided relating to their credit card is quite secure. There are no problems of writing out checks and mailing them to the institution, so this is both a time as well as money saving feature while connecting with the inmate who has been incarcerated.

Visit the in order to find out if the particular facility in which the inmate is incarcerated is participating in this service from Offender Connect.

There are many correctional institutions from several states that provide the services of Offender Connect to inmates. You can find out if the facility that you are looking for is present in the list by going to the website. Here you will first have to select the state in which the facility is located. All the facilities participating in Offender Connect prison phone service system will be listed under this state. Check to see if the facility name is present. Even if the name of the specific facility is not listed, you have the option of clicking on the Request a Service button. This will help you speak with a service representative and you can ask for the service from Offender Connect.

If you already have an existing Inmate Banker Account, it is possible to add this to your Offender Connect account at any point in time. You will need to log in to your present account at Offender Connect and then select Account Settings. This is located on the Account Home Menu. Do the same with the Inmate Banker Account section.

How to merge the existing ITI BillPay Account with OffenderConnect Account:

  • When you wish to sign up for the OffenderConnect Account, you must look for the Phone Account section. If you already have an existing ITI BillPay account, you must check the box in the Phone Account section. You will then be provided with options where you can enter the existing account details, such as the phone number and the ITI BillPay password for the existing account.
  • If there are any other OffenderConnect ITI BillPay Accounts that you would like to merge with the newly created Offender Connect Account, this is also possible. However, the merging must be done only after you have finished creating the Offender Connect account. Log into your newly created Offender Connect account and go to the Phone menu, click on Phone settings and then on the merge button. Provide the details of the existing ITI BillPay account that you want to merge and then click NEXT. Verify that all the information provided is accurate and then finish the merger. The system will send you a confirmation. Do the same for any other ITI BillPay account that you had previously and which you want to merge with the present Offender Connect one.
  • The advantage of merging the previous or existing OffenderConnect ITI BillPay account with the current Offender Connect account is that all the information regarding the account will automatically be transferred to the new account. You will now be able to access all details regarding the credit card information, the monthly statements regarding the phone bills and the lists of recipients in the new account.
  • Only if you merge the previous OffenderConnect ITI BillPay account with the new Offender Connect Account, will you be able to access all other previous statement histories and account statements. It is important to merge the existing accounts, for those who wish to continue to get the calls on a number that they had set up in previous ITI BillPay accounts or Inmate Banker accounts.
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Offender Connect

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