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How Does JCW Work? Services Offered To Correctional Institutions by JCW

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Since 1991, JCW has provided services to correctional institutions and given a rapid and prompt service for repair and other responses. Customer services are offered by JCW round the clock and quick responses are available for any repairs of modern and heavy equipment.

The installation of the services from JCW is absolutely free of charge for the correctional establishment. In addition to this, the institution is also offered very competitive commission rates for the calls that the inmates make through the service. The commission is also sent to the facility at the beginning of every month.

Features and Facilities of JCW

Call Recording Features

Calls can be recorded and the authorities at the prison can listen to the calls afterwards at their leisure. The web connection providing the interface is a very secure platform and the recordings can be heard by using the destination number or PIN. After listening to the calls, the system also allows recording and saving to a DVD or CD in order to be stored in the archives of the facility.

Alerts Provided For Investigation

The administrative staff at the correctional facility can be alerted whenever any inmate makes a call to a particular number that has been predetermined or preset on a list of numbers. This list can contain specific numbers, such as numbers of judges and media agencies or any other government and administrative personnel numbers.

Call Blocking Facility

The correctional facility is offered complete privacy and security with the feature of call blocking. The facility can provide JCW with a list of numbers that they don’t want their inmates calling. Such numbers can then be blocked for inmates. These numbers could include those of media outlets and other government or public agencies. They could also be numbers of judges and other prominent criminals with whom they don’t want inmates to get in touch.

Monitoring Calls Live

The investigators at the correctional institute can listen to conversations live with the help of a web interface that is absolutely secure. This can be done from their office location or any other location and the calls can also be saved and listened to later.

Pin Pan Administration

All inmates are assigned with a PIN or a Personal Identification Number for making calls. The pre-authorized numbers, PAN are also assigned to them by the correctional institution when they are booked. This is connected with the PIN number. The inmates can only make calls that are related or connected with their PIN to the PAN. The jail staff can safely monitor and regulate these calls through a secure web platform.

Prepaid Debit Cards for Making Calls

The correctional institution can order prepaid debit cards for their inmates and retrieve them or distribute them to the inmates in their facilities with the help of a secure web portal offered from JCW.

Bank Card Calling Facility

In many cases, the traditional collect calls do not allow inmates to make calls to cell phone numbers or to business numbers. In this case, JCW also offers the facility a bank card billing system, whereby the calls can be made by inmates to recipients with a cell phone or business number. The called party has to enter the credit or debit card number and then he can then talk to the caller or inmate. The advantage of this system is that it is very secure and at the same time, the jail is able to receive good revenue with these calls.

One Time Recording Of Names

A name recording can be made for inmates when the PIN number is first set up. Such a recording will be played during the initial part of the call, so that the inmates are not allowed the opportunity of passing on any messages to the called party before the call is accepted. An appropriate name recording can be issued for each PIN number by the prison authorities.

Reverse Lookup

The jail authorities can exercise a reverse number lookup for searching for any current calls or while looking up any past calls made by inmates. This will provide them with all information about the calls, the name of the called party, their address and so on.

Call Detail Features

The jail authorities can monitor and check up on all calls, whether they are just attempted calls or completed ones. The checking can be done from a safe web portal offered by JCW. They also have the ability to download and print reports regarding the calls for their perusal, which include information such as the length of the call and so on. This is very useful in cases of investigation and for tracking criminal activities, connections and any other form of abuse.

Alerts When Calls Are Diverted

The prison authorities will be immediately notified when any inmate attempts call diversion. This is when the called party or the destination number tries to convert the call into a conference call or to divert the number of the call.

Monitoring the Network

The staff at the JCW center keep a 24/7 check and constantly monitor the services and the software offered to the correctional facility producing reports for the jail authorities in real time.

Customized Voice Prompts

Every facility can create their own specific and unique voice prompts for their calls. There is also the facility of multi-language options for voice prompts offered by JCW.

Phone Control

The jail authorities can set the time during which the calls can be made by the inmates from the facility. These hours can be controlled through the system. Along with the time, the authorities can control the destination numbers to which the calls are being made. Apart from this, there is also a lockdown facility for all the phones that are being used in the system in order to ensure greater safety for the institution.


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JCW Inmate Payphone

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