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Inmates can be contacted by their family and friends through the AdvancePay system from Global Tel Link. Payment is accepted by credit card or check as well as by money order and through Western Union. If your calls are restricted or blocked for some reason, you can access the AdvancePay service from Global Tel Link (GTL).

Initial Chat Feature

When the inmate wants to make call to his family or friend for the first time, there is a free chat feature available from the Global Tel Link (GTL) service. Once the call is initiated, the automatic prompt informs the called party about the details of the AdvancePay account. The initial statements contain the usual information about the inmate, the facility from which he is calling and information about the monitoring and recording of calls. All the details of the AdvancePay account along with the free chat feature and the fact that collects calls are restricted on their number, are explained to the called party and the prompt also allows the party to reject or accept the call.

After acceptance by the called party, the connected is made by Global Tel Link (GTL) and once the free chat feature is used, the automatic system gives all information about subscribing to the AdvancePay account for making and receiving future calls.

With the help of the AdvancePay option, the inmate can make calls to the number. All the usual restrictions of standard billing will not apply here. In some cases, inmate calls to particular numbers are not allowed. In such a case, the AdvancePay option of Global Tel Link (GTL) can be used. The inmate or the family can set up a prepaid inmate calling account and they can make payments to the company in amounts of $25 or $50 with their Visa or MasterCard. When you accept the automated operator’s option for AdvancePay service, the connection will be made again and the cost of the call will be deducted from the prepaid account that you have recently set up. However, it is also possible to opt for the setup at some other time, in which case the free chat call will be disconnected and you will have to set up an AdvancePay account later by calling 1-800-483-8314.

After paying the amount, the inmate can start making calls to the party and when the amount of the prepaid inmate calling account comes to below that required for a single minute’s call, an automatic prompt asks you to make the additional payment towards the AdvancePay account in order to recharge it.

The system functions in real time and when a call is made by the inmate, the cost is automatically deducted from the account as the call is finished. If, at any point of time, the person wishes to put an end to the AdvancePay account, he is free to do so and must give notification to the Global Tel Link (GTL) within 90 days of the last use of the account. They will have to pay $5 towards administrative fees and after deducting this amount, the amount in balance is refunded. If the account remains without use for more than 3 months, it is automatically dissolved.

Prepaid service – Options for Inmates from GTL

Global Tel Link (GTL) is a prison phone service that offers vouchers for inmates to make calls from the prison. These can be purchased at the commissary and they can use them for direct dialing. It provides additional revenue for the facility and allows the inmate total call control.

Keep In Touch – Prepaid Vouchers from GTL

These vouchers are known as Keep in Touch and are available at the facility. Inmates can purchase these Global Tel Link (GTL) vouchers for prepaid calls. The inmate has to buy these vouchers and then take it to the inmate phone. He must then enter the destination number, select the language and then go to option 5 in the menu. This begins the process of cashing the vouchers. He will have to provide the voucher number, value, and the PIN number in response to the automated prompts. If everything is found correct and the voucher validity is proved, he will be prompted to select the type of prepaid call and then enter his PIN. After performing this procedure, there is no longer any need to retain the vouchers. This is a good safety feature, as the inmate has no fear of his vouchers being stolen or lost, as they are no longer useful and can be discarded. The family or called party can also purchase the vouchers from the commissary, by making a payment towards the inmate’s account. This enables the inmate to buy the vouchers using this money. If he leaves the commissary or the prison at any time, the amount will remain in his debit account. If he wishes, it can also be deactivated and reactivated again if he is re-incarcerated in the facility in the future.

Call control – Safety Feature

Similar to all jail calls, the AdvancePay calls also operate with the same safety features and allow the jail to have call control with all the usual validation before a call is put through to the called party. Before connecting the call, the Global Tel Link platform will make all validations and the call is subjected to all the usual restrictions of the collect calls. These include restrictions on the numbers that are blocked, restrictions on the time of day the call is made along with the duration of the call and other such restrictions that are applicable.

Refunds Procedure

If the inmate wants a refund on the amount paid for the vouchers, he can get it by first making a written request to the commissary or the facility authorities. The facility has to then make this request to Global Tel Link. The company will then take steps to make a proper refund to the inmate based on the request sent to them by the commissary or the facility in which the inmate is incarcerated and from which he had obtained the vouchers for the prepaid inmate calling service.

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