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Special Features Of Encartele And How It Works?

Encartele Prison Phone Service System – Learn More

Voice communication can be accessed through the services of Encartele inmate telephone service, by the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The routing and processing of phone calls is performed by means of multiple data and switching centers of the Encartele inmate telephone service networking system.

The service provides a centralized solution and offers a system of high-level redundancy that the user can access with complete security provided for data management. The web portal is net based and the jail authorities can access the system and perform functions from anywhere if they have an internet connection.

The switching centers are perfectly synchronized with one another and the phone system offered to prisons is very reliable and efficient. The authorized staff of prisons as well as other related services, such as the FBI, the ATF and the US Marshall can access the system, irrespective of their location. It is possible to perform several functions, such as looking into records and call details as well as monitoring, blocking or allowing specific numbers with the help of a computer and a net connection.

Features of the Encartele Prison Phone Service System

  • Tiered security access control
  • Calls can be limited according to usage and frequency
  • Support provided for several languages
  • Timing provided for measuring duration of call
  • Built in voice recording
  • Live monitoring
  • 3-way call detection
  • Feature for programming speed dialing
  • Flexible telephone service schedule
  • Free call possibilities
  • Call restriction tables
  • Blended Debit and Collect calling
  • Calling card system
  • Personal ID numbers/PIN provided
  • JMS built in
  • Internet based recording playback
  • Internet based reporting
  • Internet based account management
  • Monitoring/recording of visitations
  • Reports can be customized
  • Internet based service system
  • Internet bases system management
  • Auto PIN integration
  • Prepaid system enabled
  • Enables covert alert
  • Allowed call tables

The recordings and details of calls are stored at a distant site and can only be accessed by those authorized to do so. Several security measures are put in place by Encartele prison phone service system, so that inmate data is kept secure:

  • A closed circuit video operates 24 hours a day along with an alarm reporting system.
  • Double interlock, dry pipe fire suppression and pre-action
  • Biometric palm readers
  • Multi-layer security control system
  • Uninterruptible, redundant AC and DC power systems
  • There is a smoke detection system in place both above and below raised floor.
  • HVAC redundant design air distribution system under the raised flooring offering maximum temperature control.

The Internet Based Portal of Encartele Inmate Telephone Service 

The Web portal has been designed to provide easy and efficient access to authorized staff. The system is run in real time and the staff can either allow or block calls to particular numbers. They can also control the phone on and off times according to their needs. The features also incorporate a user management system that enables the adding or deleting of users. The web based portal consists of the EnSight Reporting system that offers standard details of any call made from the prison along with the supply of statements to the prison commission. They also offer customized reports according to the requirements of individual correctional facilities.

Collect Calling Features

If the collect calls can be billed on the local telephone number, such numbers are provided with a collect calling account, so that they can receive calls from inmates. Encartele inmate telephone service will also perform all other validation and checks before connecting such calls from inmates. Some of the validation steps taken by Encartele are:

  • Validating the billing services that are to be provided by the local telephone servicing company.
  • Validating that there is no block on that specific telephone number.
  • Validating whether the collect calls can be accepted by that specific number
  • Validating whether the particular number has not exceeded the billing limit for receiving collect calls.

All customers can access prepaid accounts from Encartele inmate telephone service, allowing inmates to make calls to a particular telephone number.  The account also enables inmates to contact cellular numbers or numbers that cannot be otherwise billed as a traditional collect call. The prepaid account can be created through the website. Customers can also make a deposit payment in the prepaid account at the Encartele operation center. After Encartele has received the amount from the customer, the inmate can start making calls to the number and the customer can start receiving the calls.

The MinuteMizer program is another special feature of the Encartele system for prepaid options. The program includes offering bonuses and incentives that depend on the amount of the deposit made by the customer. The incentives are naturally higher in case of customers who have made bigger deposits and all details can be found out from the MinuteMizer program on the website. It is a percentage based program.

Prepaid Calling Card

Encartele also offers a prepaid calling card service as one of its options.

  • Residents and inmates of the correctional facility can directly purchase the Encartele prepaid calling cards from the prison commissary. They cannot use these prepaid calling cards outside the Encartele system or outside the prison facility.
  • The denominations for the prepaid calling cards can be fixed by the correctional institute and are available in multiple denominations.
  • Calls can be placed to both domestic and international numbers from US prisons by using these prepaid calling cards.
  • A thorough validation is done on all calls made through these prepaid calling cards and the system is created in such a manner as to prevent calls being placed to blocked numbers.

Encartele Contact Information

Website: http://www.encartele.net/

Website Contact Page: http://www.encartele.net/?page_id=473

Ref: http://inmatetelephoneservice.org/encartele/

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