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The facilities provided by DSI-ITI prison phone service systems allow the correctional institutions to monitor phone calls from any location, at any time. They can make use of the internet to listen to conversations, monitor them and even record them from a remote location. Configurations can be specified and calls can be suspended in certain cases.  They can even suspend specific telephone devices and literally handle every task right from their desks.

Facilities for Recording and monitoring of calls

It has been noted by the FBI that only 4% of inmate calls are actually being monitored or recorded by the relevant justice agencies. This is because even a very small correctional institute has more than a hundred beds, leading to more than 25 hours of calls to be monitored and recorded on a daily basis. This is not possible for the institution, as it will need a lot of manpower to handle such numbers of calls by recording and monitoring them.

All these problems are eliminated by the prison phone service system from DSI-ITI. They offer devices whereby the institution only needs a sound card and speakers to perform monitoring and recording operations. They can even record a specific number of calls, flag a particular inmate or even a group of instruments that they want to record and monitor. The information is immediately stored in digital form and is available at any time. The authorities can search the particular recording, and then play it or copy it to other media devices. They can store it on CD or DVD or send it by email to other private investigators just by pressing a button.

Other Beneficial Features of DSI-ITI prison phone service system

  • Profile customization – the institute can customize the services according to their particular institutional needs. This is done by customizing the phone in order to appropriately support facilities such as voicemail and recording of conversations. Configuration can also be done for inmate ID numbers and identifying sick calls or to support the commissary.
  • Scanning allowed numbers – The DSI technology allows the scanning of allowed numbers, so that even the inmates themselves can manage the allowed numbers list allotted to them.
  • Alerting Calls – Some specific calls from certain suspect inmates can also be entered into the system, so that it issues call alerts and notifies the authorities.
  • Integration with prison management software – it is possible to integrate the jail management software with the DSI system, which makes it easy to book and release inmates, without having to repeat the action. An effective two way communication between the systems can be achieved in cases related to sick calls, commissary orders or debit calls.
  • Debit calls facility – the DSI system allows inmates to make debit calls using their Commissary funds. The balance in their account is also updated in real time by the use of the Offender Management System or by using the Accounting System for complete integration.
  • Commissary features in Phone – all commissary orders can be entered in the phone by following all the restrictions imposed by the facility and customizing it accordingly. The system will automatically balance all inmate accounts and transactions along with providing details of tax and other inventory levels.
  • Language supporting features – the individual jails can configure the system in the language desired, so that prompts and recordings can be done in the particular native language. This makes it convenient for inmates to converse with their family and friends in their native language.
  • Features for detection of 3-way calls – if any inmate attempts a 3-way call, it can be easily identified and reported with the DSI system technology.

Several Payment Options

Family and friends have several options of making payments for the prison phone service from DSI. They can pay through the Western Union or MoneyGram. They can also make online payments or through credit card or money order, check and so on. They can perform all these transactions through the Offenderconnect.com website.

Call IQ Facility

It is normally seen in prison phone services that all calls are monitored and recorded and a random set of calls are listened to by the authorities. The Call IQ makes these tasks easier in a number of ways:

Call IQ makes use of speech recognition technology, which is a modern technology capable of recognizing up to 65,000 street and slang terms. The system works excellently and effectively in the case of correctional institutions. It is possible for the specific jails to even train the system and customize it, so that the calls are transcribed perfectly.  The process of transcribing the calls is done first and the officials can then use search words or key words in order to extract the phone calls from the stored system. They can type in key words and the system is capable of returning the findings based not only on that particular word, but all other words related to that particular word or associated with the phrase. If, for instance, an official types in the word ‘cocaine’ the system will report all conversations where the word was used along with other conversations where a related word or the street term for the word was used, such as ‘Big C’, ‘Snow’, ‘Coke’ and so on.

Benefits of the IQ system

  • Customized phrases that are specific to a particular locality can be added to the system according to the local usage, as they may not be part of the standard language package. This is useful in localizing the system and beneficial for investigators and facility officials as well as other investigative task forces, when they are trying to find certain words in the transcripts of the phone calls or the recordings.
  • The officials can view precise parts of conversation of the transcribed text and not waste their time listening to the entire recording. They can then listen to only the specific parts of the recording.
  • Ranking of calls can be done in a prioritized order, so that the important calls can be highlighted and catch the attention of the officials. They can get a summary or overview of the call activity very quickly.
  • Creation of data base agents is possible with the system. These will assist the officials by sending email alerts whenever a particular phrase or word is used by inmates.  The call transcript is sent along with the summary of the call, in order to view it more efficiently.

This is the best way to monitor any illegal activities taking place in correctional institutions. The correctional institution officials can listen to recordings and monitor the calls as usual, but the time that they spend on such activities is considerably reduced. This is due to the advanced technology and the supporting features of the Call IQ system offered by the prison phone service from DSI-ITI. Sample testing has been conducted of the system, and it has been noted that several calls related to drugs and gang dealings have been successfully discovered by the jail officials by the use of this system. They have uncovered several shady dealings among inmates, thereby helping the officials in the correctional institutions.


DSI ITI Contact Information

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Phone Number: http://www.gtl.net/dsi/

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